Is it Bad to Flush Tampons Down the Toilet?

Tampons aren’t made to be flushed down the drain.

So they clog the drains.

It is definitely worse than a wad of bathroom paper, as a result of rest room paper is made to break down when uncovered to water. The tampon might unravel and make a good tougher to take away wad.

Doing its job, simply in the mistaken gap.

Then you are down to bodily eradicating it with a drain snake or comparable software. Or, moderately, hiring a plumber to do it.

I suppose placing a trash can by the rest room is the finest long run answer.

I’m shocked you do not know this already. Don’t they’ve indicators saying do not flush female hygiene merchandise down the drain?

But we’re speaking about tampons.

Feminine hygiene merchandise consists of tampons in addition to pads. And no matter else ladies might use, however I do not need to know what else that is perhaps.

Why not?

It is embarrassing sufficient to get tampons for a lady at the retailer. If that is dangerous, one thing much more disgusting should exist.

Like menstrual cups?

Say what?

They are plastic or silicone cups inserted

I do not need to know!

They are widespread as a result of they are often reused and do not take years do degrade in a landfill like tampons and pads.

If tampons take years to degrade in a landfill, they definitely should not be happening the plumbing pipes. They’ve received issues with grownup Baby wipes clogging sewer pipes, and people are made to go down the drain.

Fine, off to the landfill they will go.

As lengthy as it is by way of trash as an alternative of litter pickup. There are some issues too nasty to pass over in public.

Given condoms and needles getting not noted, tampons would not be a lot worse, however I used to be simply placing them in the rest room. But sure, I’ll put them in the trash now.

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