Do not flush baby wipes in toilet. Costco wipes have a nice symbol/sign Do NOT flush

Disclaimer: Boring Video.
This is not a nice video. But as a reminder.. please do not flush Baby wipes in bathrooms. It all appears innocent however it may price you $100’s of {dollars}.

My spouse just lately put Baby wipes in the lavatory for our youngsters. I recommended not to do that since if the youngsters have prepared entry (in addition to strangers), they’d in all probability seize these and simply throw them into the bathroom. If this occurs to repair the bathroom correctly, you might want to rent a plumber. You may do it your self however it’s not precisely a simple factor to do (not simply a job for a plunger).

I like how costco Baby wipes have a clear image that claims do not flush. I had a laborious time discovering this on a main model diaper wipe resembling huggies (and possibly pampers).

Regardless… ethical of the story is to KEEP AWAY any Baby wipes from a toilet

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