Wastewater therapy vegetation are reporting sewer points throughout this COVID-19 outbreak and a sewer clog or overflow is the LAST factor we want throughout a well being pandemic.

People Cleaning to keep away from the brand new coronavirus shouldn’t flush disinfectant wipes or paper towels down bathrooms as a result of they might clog drains, again up sewers, and trigger overflows at sewage therapy vegetation, together with the Town of Clayton’s.

Wipes have lengthy been a problem as a result of wastewater therapy vegetation depend upon gravity and water flows, and aren’t usually designed to cope with paper towels or wipes, even these labeled flushable. Those gadgets additionally don’t break down like bathroom paper.

The downside has taken on new urgency with the unfold of coronavirus, which causes the sickness Covid-19.

Preventing sewer spills is necessary, particularly throughout this Covid-19 emergency, for the safety of public well being and the surroundings.

Wipes can catch on tree roots and collect fats, oil, and grease, changing into giant rags that block pipes.

This downside is skilled throughout the state, nation, and worldwide as disposable Wet Wipe merchandise grow to be extra extensively accessible.

In late 2017, crews in London, England, used excessive-powered jets of water and hand digging over three weeks to take away a 40-ton so-known as “fatberg” from the sewer system the place it was blocking 80% of the capability.

The Town of Clayton actually doesn’t need our system to overflow and if this challenge is not addressed, it might compound on us.

Apartment complexes are of explicit concern as a result of there’s not a variety of house to soak up a bunch of nondegradable gadgets.

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