Please Don't Flush Wipes They Clog Pipes

A Public Service Announcement from Ironhouse Sanitary District as we remind you to not flush something aside from rest room paper down the bathroom.

Save your pipes. Don’t flush wipes

Many family Cleaning merchandise are labeled and marketed as disposable; many Baby hygiene merchandise are labeled each disposable and flushable. And whereas these merchandise could also be marketed as a comfort merchandise, the reality is that these family wipes have the flexibility to clog and cease up not solely your sewer pipes, but in addition could cause blockage and repair issues in Ironhouse Sanitary District’s sewer system and pump stations.

Unlike rest room paper, these merchandise don’t break down as soon as they’re flushed. They could cause blockages in your on-site facet sewer, particularly older pipelines that will have grease, roots or different obstructions already current. Eliminating these issues out of your sewer pipes can go away you with a nasty restore invoice.

On a bigger scale, when these merchandise make their manner into the general public sewer system they accumulate collectively and trigger clogs in ISD’s sewer primary strains and get tangled in pump stations requiring restore or presumably even costly alternative of kit.

The following objects ought to by no means be flushed into the sewer system:
* disinfecting wipes
* Baby wipes
* Q-tips
* Toilet Cleaning pads
* Mop or “Swiffer” sort refills
* Paper towels
* Moist towelettes
* Any client merchandise that’s not rest room paper

Are ‘flushable wipes’ actually flushable?

There are many comparatively new lavatory merchandise available on the market at the moment which are marketed as a greater Cleaning expertise when in comparison with conventional rest room paper. These merchandise’ labels point out they’re secure for sewers. In addition to wipes, there are additionally different Cleaning merchandise which are labeled as “flushable” which can go down the bathroom however they aren’t breaking down sufficiently sufficient.

flushable wipes are marketed in quite a lot of methods, equivalent to “septic-safe”, “breaks down like toilet paper” or “safe for sewer and septic.” The drawback is that they often take longer to interrupt down when in comparison with conventional rest room paper and because of this have prompted main blockages in sewer methods.

Consumer Reports performed a check to find out if flushable wipes actually are flushable. Check out this video to see the outcomes.

Generally sewer methods work on a gravity or down hill system. However, Oakley and Bethel Island are each principally stage, making it needed for ISD to run on a pump system. While a flushable wipe may break down after flushing it’s seemingly that it’s going to not break down quick sufficient earlier than the wipes make it to the primary pumping station inside ISD’s sewer strains. Even if it does break down into smaller items, these thicker-than-toilet-paper chunks also can turn into caught within the pumps and go away a giant mess. This is why ISD is asking that you just please don’t flush any type of wipes down the bathroom.

Currently ISD workers are Cleaning pumps of wipe particles roughly 40 occasions a month. That is a variety of worker hours spent on Cleaning up one thing that’s ultimately simply going to finish up within the trash anyway. So please save us the extra work and the spending of ratepayer {dollars} by tossing the wipes within the rubbish after use.

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