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flushable wipes are a good way to maintain your self clear and far simpler to hold round than a roll of bathroom paper, however not all wipes are created equal. It’s essential to know your wipes are literally flushable.

Here’s the distinction between what occurs whenever you flush a Cottonelle® flushable Wipe and what occurs whenever you flush a Baby wipe. As quickly as a Cottonelle® flushable Wipe hits the water, the bonds inside it would start to interrupt down. A Baby wipe, though it might get down the drain like bathroom paper, by no means absolutely breaks down and might create a blockage within the system. What you need is a wipe that breaks down, like Cottonelle® flushable Wipes. They’re plastic-free and made with fibers which can be 100% biodegradable, so that they maintain the system clear. Baby wipes do not do this. They comprise supplies that do not break down, which implies the chance of blockage. Causing not simply issues for the individuals who flushed their Baby wipes but additionally for the entire neighborhood.

Save your self, and your neighbors, a crapload of issues through the use of Plastic-Free Cottonelle® flushable Wipes.

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