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Are moist wipes flushable? In this video, we do some experiment to see in the event that they dissolve in water.

Are Baby wipe’s really flushable?

In this video, Ronin and I are going to place
the producer’s claims to the take a look at.

I’ve been a scientist for in the future

So Ro, do you know that North Americans spend
about 2.2 billion {dollars} on flushable wipes


That’s some huge cash to flush down the bathroom.

It actually is, however we get requested on a regular basis
are flushable wipes really flushable and

I feel the explanation individuals ask us that’s as a result of
regardless that they are saying they’re flushable on

the package deal, for lots of those manufacturers, a
lot of instances they’ll nonetheless trigger backups

and persons are left questioning is that as a result of
of this so-known as flushable wipe, so what

we wish to do right this moment is we will set
up a bit of experiment that has some water

after which additionally some completely different varieties of bathroom
paper and a flushable wipe and we wish to

see how these items break down over 24 hours
and possibly individuals can visualize a bit of bit

higher why you should not put these down the

All proper, so are you able to get began
with the experiment?


Okay let’s do it.

So right here we obtained, one ply,

two ply,

and Baby wipes.

And we’re gonna put them in water for twenty-four hours.

All proper time to begin the experiment.

(monkey noises)

First we’ve got to do one ply, then two ply,
then Baby wipe

Go go go go go

Now we’ve got to attend 24 hours

So what had been the outcomes of the experiment

How did primary go?

One ply seems

prefer it it dissolved rather a lot that is disgusting
oh gross so gross okay

But it’s fairly cool

It is cool

and it did dissolve

and like, in case you like spin round it can

Like this?

Yeah I guess it can too

How about we strive
the 2-ply let’s have a look at what occurred to that

Ugh! Gross very slimy however the excellent news is it additionally
broke down in order that’s uh superb for the

two-ply since you need it to interrupt down
so it goes down the drain

Eww! It broke down a lot I am unable to even get it off my fingers

Okay, now let’s have a look at what occurred with the Baby wipe

It did not dissolve in any respect!

This factor did not dissolve in any respect you possibly can
see how just a few of those obtained collectively in a gaggle

they’d completely have the ability to block your pipe
in case you block that pipe what is going on to occur

after that?

It’s going to get plugged!

going to get plugged

after which you are going to be flushing and all of that…

And you will must name my dad

(laughs) And you will must name me at Plumbing Paramedics

And Uncle Devon!

And possibly Uncle Devon

So hopefully this video was useful to you, now you realize even when it says flushable on the package deal

do not flush it

simply keep on with regular common bathroom paper and it is best to should not have any issues

Thanks very a lot for watching our video have a fantastic day

Okay you are supposed to show it off now.

So Ronin wait see this mess us up

Yep okay let’s strive that once more as a result of Dad’s not good at this.

No you are not.

So Ro, do you know that North Americans spend
about 2.2 billion {dollars} on flushable wipes


Yip – I imply no, no sorry!

Okay tousled! Again!

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