“Flushable” wipes are ruining sewage plants

Wipes and different merchandise that get flushed down the bathroom trigger thousands and thousands of {dollars} in issues for cities like New York. They clog up the equipment at sewage plants just like the Wards Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Verge Science video group went to see the injury wipes can do, and obtained up shut and private with the bits of cloth that value cities thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of {dollars} annually to handle.

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22 thoughts on ““Flushable” wipes are ruining sewage plants”

  1. The machinery might need an upgrade, or re-engineering to help in its efficiency and improved durability. Standards should be updated to make better flushable products (be able to not break while used but break down under proper regulations), also integrate a govt incentive program to upgrade household bathrooms to use bidets (nyc needs upgrades n the pandemic is the best time to upgrade transit / household regulations).

  2. As a sales person who travels a lot, I use wipes because there are no bidets in public bathrooms in America. Toilet paper alone simply is not enough to get yourself clean, so I use wipes. I even use disinfecting wipes on the seat and handle too, because the bathrooms aren't clean. If bathrooms were clean and had bidets, I wouldn't need to use wipes. I see it as not my fault, I'm doing what I need to do to be clean and hygienic because public facilities don't offer those things.

  3. Public utility companies are private companies, they need you to use their systems, create laws that prevent you from using your own sources, and make their bottom line bigger.

    I will continue to flush wipes until they’re owned and ran by the government

  4. I don’t believe that all that stuff was only flushable wipes. Check out plumbers on YouTube, taking out baby diapers that get stuck on toilets pipes.

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