Ginchy Gayjacket & the Flushable Wipes – "s/t" (2021, full album)

Not even in our greatest goals… Or possibly nightmares, we thought we’d come throughout a chunk as insanely deranged as this one! Alienating extremely-lofi queerpunk gargabe nowave from LA, so disturbed and disturbing as it’s addictive.

Ginchy Gayjacket: vox, sax
Louisa La’Sewer: guitar
Ana Mosity: bass
Lavender Menace: drums

Blotchouts Fake Bands
Volume 1 – May 2021

00:00 01. Leave the Girls Alone!
00:57 02. I’m Gettin’ Ta-Ta’s
02:12 03. Boofin’
03:15 04. Snailarium
04:26 05. Blowin’ Up a PortaPotty
05:10 06. That Kinda Girl
08:50 07. End the Game -Flipper cover-
10:56 08. -Bonus Track- End the Game (alternate 1st take)

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