Expert Plumber Puts Cottonelle Flushable Wipes To The Test!

Plumber Puts Cottonelle flushable Wipes To The Test! – Plumbing Products

While wipe merchandise would possibly seem related, they don’t seem to be created equal. Cottonelle® flushable Wipes are 100% flushable and begin to break down instantly after flushing. I’m going to point out you ways they evaluate to bathroom paper and Baby wipes within the in a single day take a look at and the shake take a look at.

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28 thoughts on “Expert Plumber Puts Cottonelle Flushable Wipes To The Test!”

  1. I'd love to see a video that isn't sponsored where you test more than just the Cottonelle flushable wipes. It's also not just those even with regular toilet paper if someone uses way too much (like many people I've seen) it'll clog the toilet and the system. You really don't need more than 4 squares to do the job.

  2. Love your channel. As for flushable wipes, I just spent $10000+ installing a new septic system last year, I do not care if they magically evaporate into a unicorn fart, not taking any chances!😉 Seriously though, love your channel.

  3. Have you reviewed Costco’s Kirkland brand flushable wipes (NOT the baby wipes). I like the monetary savings over the Cottonelle. I also only use 1/2 wipe at a time (I tear it in half) when doing only #1. I find that one-half is enough for cleaning, and I’m putting far fewer wipes into the plumbing system that way. I even carry the Kirkland flushable wipes with me in travel packs to use when away from home.

  4. I’d also love a video on what to do if we have been using baby wipes or other “flushable” wipes. My husband passed away recently very unexpectedly and he is the one who used to deal with any issues in the house. We have 5 people”myself and my 4 children”living in our house and we all use them and now I’m worried about a clog! Should I use Draino? Thanks for any help it’s truly appreciated’

  5. Please keep flushing all of these wipes, they make us alot of money. This guys is clearly paid to say this. Also, put a paper towel in water over night and see what happens to it. Would you flush that? Lol cmon man

  6. What about doing an experiment with other flushable wipes instead of baby wipes? Baby wipes aren’t meant to be flushed so this experiment is pointless and proves nothing other than what we already know, don’t flush baby wipes that aren’t meant to be flushed. Smh

  7. Very bad for the sewer.. YOU SHOULD NEVER FLUSH COTTENELLE down the toilet, (VERY BAD FOR THE SEWER)
    TOILET PAPER VERY BAD FOR THE SEWER……. (FLUSH ONLY BABY WIPES, KLEEN-NEX, & PAPER TOWELS down the toilet) they are much saver for the sewer…. i HAVE flushed many baby wipes and paper towels down no issues, I TRIED YOUR SO CALLED COTTONELLE, THOSE things i never flush down my TOALET!! THEY PLUGGED IT UP ALEADY.!!! I flush many paper towels down without no issue….
    FLUSHING THOSE COTTONELLE they can sit on the store shelf, so you ROGER WAKEN will lose money for showing this stupid video.. FLUSH LOTS OF PAPER TOWELS NEVER COTTENELLE!!!

  8. Oh Lord. Worked as an RN in a long-term care facility and I can not tell you how many times our pipes got clogged with baby wipes. Mostly from family members, some from CNA's and a few from nurses. Every time I saw a package in a room, I'd throw them in the garbage!!!

  9. Hmmm…I've been throwing my wipes away but the last few months I noticed that the Cottonelle flushables were kinda falling apart as I pulled them out of the container…and made me think these are in fact flushable/degradeable …we didn't use Cottonelle before. When I saw on the packet "plumber approved"… I decided to look into it… I liked this video. I think I'll start sending them down the toilet.

  10. On decent plumbing. Flushable wipes should go down.
    On okay plumbing it may struggle.
    On bad plumbing It may clog. Toilet paper only.
    On terrible plumbing toilet paper may even struggle or even clog the plumbing.

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