What is the most intimate moment straight men have had with other men – PKA Clip

What is the most intimate moment straight men have had with other men – PKA Clip

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Highlight clip from PKA episode 418:
• PKA 418 w/ Jericho – Kyle’s Bottle Pee Tutorial, Carlton Sues Fortnite, Tucker’s Poop Story

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Auto-generated Transcription:
I made this from some time in the past 3 months previous straight guys of Reddit what’s the most intimate moment you had with one other man internet attention-grabbing give like simply associates b******* to every other such as you are you aware I’ve kissed loads of dudes that is like not however that is not like none of them or Intimate you understand I imply that may be the most intimate you bought now even when it was like yeah like I take into account like I’ve had conversations I cancel a extra intimate than a kiss proper like I do know that I really feel like that is not a far-fetched thought right here these instances had been drunk for shock worth after which

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