What Happens to "Flushable" Wipes When You Flush Them?

Back in March 2020, when rest room paper was troublesome to discover in shops, the Wastewater Treatment Plant did an experiment to clarify how rest room paper breaks down in water in contrast to so-called “flushableBaby wipes. Since the experiment was filmed two years in the past, employees has stored the Baby wipe in a jar of water to show how lengthy it could take the wipe to break down if it sat in your pipes. As you will notice within the video, the wipe is simply starting to barely break down however is usually intact.

While rest room paper is straightforward to discover now, many individuals nonetheless flush various merchandise down the bathroom at the moment, inflicting themselves plumbing issues and inflicting backups on the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Remember: if it’s not rest room paper, it ought to NEVER be flushed. Items like paper towels, napkins, tissues and Baby wipes are included, even when they are saying ‘flushable’ on the label.

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