LOGO HISTORY #572 – Lush, Tic Tac, Slim Jim, Cinnabon, Tootsie Pops & More…

Hey Guys, it is your boy, Peter John. Be welcome for at the moment’s episode of Logo History. Today it’s about Lush, Tic Tac, Slim Jim, Cinnabon, Tootsie Pops and Charmin flushable Wipes. I hope you prefer it!

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Background Song: “Skate at Night” by Nymano

Credits for the logos used on this video goes to Logopedia.

0:00 Introduction (Timestamps by Amazing Adventures of Zeke Returns)
0:53 Tootsie Pops
2:31 Slim Jim
3:53 Lush
5:47 Cinnabon
8:18 Tic Tac
11:50 Charmin flushable Wipes
15:30 Conclusion

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