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There are a number of issues with wet wipes.
First, if they’re flushable, they don’t seem to be actually wet.
Second, essentially the most moistened wet wipes aren’t flushable and never large enough for wiping.
Third, the packaging isn’t handy, as you seize wet wipes with fingers, leaving micro organism behind, plus you typically seize multiple piece wether you need it or not.
Fourth, many wet wipes include alcohol, which has drying impact in your pores and skin.
If wet wipes are marked “hemorrhoidal”, they in all probability include witch hazel.
Witch hazel is nice for aid of itching and swelling related to hemorrhoids.
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A wholesome and handy alternative to hemorrhoidal astringent wipes is Wipegel, which additionally contains 30% of witch hazel.
Just add a drop of Wipegel to your bathroom paper and you’ve got a superbly flushableWet Wipe“.

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0:00 How to select hemorrhoidal wet wipes
0:15 flushable wet wipes
1:16 Hemorrhoidal pads
2:35 Problem with containers for wet wipes
3:52 Witch hazel in hemorrhoid wet wipes
6:00 Wipegel – flushable and secure alternative to hemorrhoidal wet wipes
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